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Naiyer Ghufran

I am a seasoned cinematographer, based in Dubai, UAE and Mumbai, India, with over thirteen years of professional experience behind the lens. Throughout my career, I have been instrumental in crafting captivating visuals for a diverse range of projects, spanning feature films, television dramas, short fiction, commercials, documentary films, branded content, corporate films, and music videos.

My portfolio boasts an impressive array of award-winning and prestigious fiction and non-fiction projects, testifying to my expertise and dedication to the art of cinematography.

Within the realm of documentary filmmaking, my expertise knows no bounds. I have filmed captivating documentaries covering a spectrum of subjects, including Music, Dance, Architecture, Natural History & Wildlife, Sports, Food & Travel, Reality Shows, and Biographies. These films have been commissioned by some of the most renowned production houses and networks worldwide.

In addition to my storytelling prowess, I possess exceptional camera operating skills. I am well-versed in operating a variety of camera setups, from handheld configurations to intricate camera grips. Furthermore, I have undergone specialized training and earned certification in gyro-stabilized helicopter mounts and aerial cinematography, granted by Pictorvision in Los Angeles.

I excel in cinematic lighting, demonstrating a keen ability to adapt to the distinct requirements of each narrative, location, and production scale. I have extensive experience working with film cameras, encompassing both 16mm and 35mm formats, as well as a comprehensive array of digital cameras, such as Arri-Alexa, Red, Sony, Canon, and other high-definition cameras.

With a track record of consistently delivering outstanding visual narratives and a steadfast commitment to pushing the boundaries of artistic storytelling, I stand ready to take your next project to new heights.

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